Uttermost Part Missionary Web Hosting is a new ministry providing independent Baptist missionaries with websites at no cost. The internet is a powerful tool of spreading information, and we want missionaries to be able to take advantage of it without paying unreal charges (see Purpose page). We do our best provide the websites, hosting development, and all, for free. We also offer help to missionaries who already have websites but need help. We bring their information to the uttermost parts of the earth through the internet.

We "...have addicted [our]selves to the ministry of the saints...that which was lacking on your part [we] have supplied." I Corinthians 16:15,17

Feel free to contact info@uttermostpart.com for more information.

UPDATE 11/13/2012: I haven't had much time lately to do a whole lot of web development, unfortunately. I started the site when I was in high school, but now that I'm in my third year of college in engineering/computer science, I just don't have the time like I used to. I can't really take on any new websites. Also, the email address on this site gets so much spam that I can't really use it any more.